Five of the most summer friendly offices in the world

The British summer has so far been kind to us in 2014, with soaring temperatures and only the odd rainy day. However, while the kids may be enjoying their holidays, many of us are stuck in the office and not outside enjoying sizzling summer weather.

Here we’ve listed five offices from around the world where you can take full advantage of the sunshine even while you are at work. We are definitely not jealous. We promise.

1)    Selgas Can Architecture – Madrid, Spain

This wonderful office previously made an appearance in our list of Ten Striking Places to Work and it is definitely apt for this list. Immersed in nature, while the sunlight beams in, surely this is the most summer friendly office in the world?

2)    Google – London, England

It almost feels like cheating to include Google in this list, as they have so many creative ideas for their offices. In this case, Google makes the list for its ‘Hedge Your Bets’ secret garden and outside allotments, offering a secluded external retreat.

3)    Saegeling Medizintechnik – Heidenau, Germany

These offices in Germany are unique in their design, their shape in their layout. We can only imagine how nice and bright these offices are when the sun comes shining through the large window panels.

4)    Nicolas Tye Architects – Bedfordshire, England

The Long Barn Studio is a beautiful creation, with an abundance of large windows providing panoramic countryside views. Not only is it ideal for summer working, but it also looks stunning in the winter.

5)    Willis Faber & Dumas Building – Ipswich, England

Swimming pool. Need I say more? Well actually yes. Not only is there a swimming pool on the ground floor but there is also a massive roof garden and restaurant. Surely the staff here thoroughly enjoy their summer at work!

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