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Research undertaken by NovaLoca has revealed an increase in the number of mobile and tablet users searching for commercial property on The research, sourced from Google Analytics, also showed a major increase in total website sessions across all platforms.

The data was gathered across a one year period between June 2013 and May 2014 and shows that people are increasingly using new methods of searching for commercial property.

In May 2014, 37% of all visitors to the website were using a mobile phone or tablet, with desktop users making up the remaining 63%. Compare this to June 2013, when mobiles and tablets were responsible for just 30% of all sessions.

In December 2013, NovaLoca launched a bespoke mobile search website and the data shows that this has increased accessibility for mobile users. Since the launch of the mobile site in December, the number of mobile users has increased by 10%. What’s more, the total number of mobile sessions in May 2014 is 64% higher than in June 2013.

Desktop sessions were also up from June last year, by 23% and there were 61% more tablet sessions in May 2014, than in June 2013. Total sessions were also up, at 35% more than June last year.

Ultimately the data points to an increase in the number of people using NovaLoca to search for commercial property. There is also evidence to suggest that more people are searching on the go, using smartphones and tablets.

If you haven’t tried the NovaLoca mobile site, simply type go to on your smartphone and you will be able to access our easy to use property search. Alternatively, our mobile app is also available and makes it even easier to search for commercial property on your phone.

For those who already use the mobile site, please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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