5 unique tips for reinventing your office!

As we looked at in our previous blog ‘Four ways to make your workplace more inspiring and comfortable’, there is a new-found movement towards using innovative methods to spruce up working environments and to create relaxing office spaces. Below we look at five of the most extreme and innovative ways companies are using to add something a little bit different to their offices.

1) Mother

There’s no competition over desks at Mother’s London office, as everyone sits around one massive working area. Providing an open work space, the creative agency has removed the traditional office feel and strived to go against everything you know about the traditional office layout.

2) Karmarama

The unique feeling at Karmarama’s London office is personified by their disco tunnel, which showcases the message ‘Good Karma This Way.’ It’s all part of the companies’ message to be creative, confident and fun to work with.

3) Mind Candy

Meetings at Mind Candy’s London office take place in a rather fetching tree-house. The creators of ‘Moshi Monsters’ fill the rest of their premises with coloured furniture, sweet dispensers and funky meeting booths.

4) Wieden + Kennedy

Office baking competitions, in-office band performances and art exhibitions are just some of the ways that Wieden + Kennedy promote fun and culture at work. Another is the padded cell meeting room, something that all of us may feel we need after a long day at the office.

5)    Lego

Lego’s HQ in Denmark is full of ways to let your imagination run wild. With stylish interiors, bright colours and a host of classic Lego toys, these offices are geared to tap into our inner-child’s creativity.

While these ideas may represent some of the more extreme ways to inject innovation into the working environment, they are still proof that there is a modern demand for changing the way in which we work. Could these left field ideas be the future of office life?