Why certain dates this January are auspicious dates for an office move

For a little light relief in the run up to Christmas we’re taking a brief look at a different angle on the timing of your office move.  We touched on the principles of planning your office move in a recent post but our eyes were opened to the concept of date selection the other day.  And I don’t mean simply mean choosing the date to fit around your other diary commitments.  I’m talking about date selection according to the principles of Feng Shui.

In case you’re not familiar with it, date selection is based on the cyclical concept of time and energy, going with the flow of energy in the Universe and the Cosmos. The objective is to carry out an activity at a point in time when the Universe’s energies are supportive of, or are optimized for that event.


I’m afraid I am yet to be convinced of the benefits of Feng Shuit but it does have quite a following, so there must be something in it!  What’s more, if you’re planning a move in the next year, you might want to read ‘Auspicious dates for moving into a new office in 2014’.  To help bring good fortune and harmony into your new premises it seems you need to be moving on the 10th, 13th or 14th of January 2014.  And there are lots of dates to be avoided!

Of course you can’t get a date in the diary until you’ve found your ideal property and nailed the deal but if you are actively looking for new office space, you are in good company.  Novaloca had the highest level of enquiries for commercial property ever in November 2013.  Our new mobile site might have something to do with this because it makes it so easy to browse and enquire when you’re on the move but it is surely a hint of more positive economic times.

So, I’m not sure what influence the Universe and the Cosmos are having on the market right now (!) but there seems to be a positive energy and we’re cautiously optimistic about 2014.

How is the year ahead looking for you?  It’s the Year of the Horse which promises to be fast and furious!