The Pros and Cons of Buying or Leasing Commercial Property

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. It can be a tough decision for businesses to decide whether it’s worth committing to buying a property, opposed to the possibly safer route of leasing. We’ve looked at some of the advantages and ... Read more

NovaLoca Mobile Website Blog 2014 via William Hook_ creative commons

Why having a mobile site is essential for all businesses

The beauty of mobile technology is that we can access any websites or information almost instantly. Nevertheless, how irratating is it when you go to have a quick browse on your phone and the website in question doesn't have a mobile version? We’ve ... Read more


Ten of the Most Striking Places to Work in the World

  Previously on this blog we looked at some of the unique offices from around the world. Creating an aesthetically pleasing work place with quirky features is becoming increasingly prevalent, but the first impression of any building is the ... Read more

An empty office block

Spiralling costs and increased demand – Are changes to the conversion process bad news for commercial property?

Removing the obstacle of planning permission from commercial to residential conversion should be a positive thing. Less red tape, quicker conversions and fewer empty high street premises. The government wins too; increased redevelopment of old ... Read more