Technology solutions

At NovaLoca we recognise that no one size fits all. That’s why we offer a flexible range of technology solutions to meet your needs.

Whether you choose one of our Powered Search services, commission us to develop a Website, App or set up an Automated Data Feed, our mission is to create excellent solutions that make your life easier.

Agency Websites through ZipBox

NovaLoca create some of the best fully mobile responsive agency websites. These feature superb property search and display and include a content management system.

Tailored for each client with existing text transferred, NovaLoca make it easier than you can imagine to get up and running.

We use the property data we hold for you on NovaLoca to power your ZipBox property search. This cuts down on your admin & provides a world class search solution for a fraction of the usual cost.

See Reddin Clancy for an example of a standard ZipBox Website.

If you would like more information visit the ZipBox website, call us on 01767 313380 or email

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Agent Property Searches through ZipBox

If you have a website or site developers that you are happy with & just want to update or add a property search, you can choose to take advantage of just the search element of a ZipBox website.

In most cases the property search is the most costly part of a new agency website as well as being the most difficult part to get right.

NovaLoca can deliver an embedded property search to slot seamlessly into your current site, saving you time & money.

Cushman & Wakefield take advantage of this technology with a bespoke version of our ZipBox Agent Property Search.

If you would like more information visit the ZipBox website, call us on 01767 313380 or email

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Council Property Searches & Websites

For Councils or Inward Investment Agencies keen to display local commercial property availability on their website, NovaLoca can provide a perfect solution.

As with our agency solutions, Council property searches (through ZipBox) are fully mobile responsive & tailored to match the Council’s branding. If taking a full website a content management system is also included.

Unlike our agency solutions our council property searches display property from all companies within the local authority area. To ensure data is fully comprehensive Councils have the option to 'sponsor' their local area, this means that properties can be listed by all companies & landlords even if they don’t have an existing subscription to list on NovaLoca.

Councils can also benefit from our reports software which is ideal for fulfilling inward investment property requirements.

NovaLoca also work with Tractivity providing the property data they need to populate their property search & council property management system.

Invest in Angus use ZipBox to power their property search.

If you would like more information visit the ZipBox website, call us on 01767 313380 or email

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Free Property Search Option

This option allows you to put a link on your site straight to the NovaLoca property list for your company's properties ONLY. It is particularly useful for smaller agents who have no listing or search functionality.

  • Businesses clicking on the link from your site have immediate access to your portfolio and NovaLoca's user friendly search functionality
  • They can filter search and subscribe to updates from your company only
  • By linking to NovaLoca you can maximise the value of your property listing(s) at no extra cost

To see how our free property listing link works, see NewBreed CPS or call us on 01767 313380 for a chat.

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Bespoke Solutions

For customers looking for a bespoke solution, we partner with the market leading interactive mapping supplier, earthware.

By combining our proven search functionality with earthware’s highly interactive mapping software and web development capability, we design and develop highly sophisticated and tailored web solutions & apps.

Some customers choose this option to improve specific functionality such as embedded maps or enhanced property listings whilst others ask us to overhaul their web presence by designing and developing a contemporary, mobile optimised site with enhanced search functionality.


  • A website designed to improve the browser experience and make your property portfolio more searchable
  • Search and mapping functionality that puts you ahead of your competitors

For an example of a bespoke solution powered by the NovaLoca web service, see SEGRO or call us on 01767 313380.

"NovaLoca provide an outstanding service. Their staff are responsive and knowledgeable, maintaining our listings and generating enquiries. They are a core part of SEGRO’s successful online strategy."

Alex Wodzicki, Web Manager, SEGRO

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Automated data feeds

NovaLoca's automated data feed takes the pain out of updating your property information. As soon as you update the information within your own system, it is automatically fed into NovaLoca. What's more, whilst we'd like to think that NovaLoca is your first and only port of call for commercial property listings, we understand that you may wish to list on other sites. To make your life easier, we can send your data to other supported portals on your behalf.


  • Significantly reduces staff time spent on updating/uploading properties to NovaLoca
  • Ensures your property listings are consistent on your site and all others
  • A growing number of software companies feed to NovaLoca, click here for the latest list. Please check with your provider as a feed to NovaLoca could be set up very easily

To find out more about feeding property data in or out of NovaLoca, please email or call 01767 313380.

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