Our Business Database

Since March 2001 MJM marketing has been carrying out direct mailing campaigns, exclusively for the commercial property industry.

Our database covers the whole of the UK, offering the same high levels of accuracy and coverage throughout. Every address mailed will have been phoned within the previous 6 months, only mailing one contact per address.

Every list is tailored to your exact requirements searching by address, size and business classification details. We also establish the correct contact, specifically requesting "the name and position of the person who would decide if the company were to move or buy additional property". If the property decision maker is based at a different location, that office is registered as a property office and branches are linked to it.

Updaters are given as much information as possible about what is appropriate for each list, where possible being given a copy of the brochure.

Our database draws upon many sources, taking advantage of quarterly updates. We cross-reference our data with sources including company’s house, the post office, BT & the Internet to ensure the most comprehensive & accurate data possible.

Each record contains an exact description of what the company does. Companies are then classified in accordance with the type of property they are likely to occupy.

You will find our lists comprehensive, accurate and free from duplicates