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Bentall Business Park is located within the Glover Industrial Estate in the heart of Washington, Tyne and Wear. It is made up of nine main buildings comprising 27 units ranging from 175 sq m (1,887 sq ft) to 6,642 sq m (71,496 sq ft). The total building area currently extends to 59,925 sq m (645,000sq ft) on a site of over 12.25 hectares (30 acres). The estate has a perimeter fence and security gatehouse at the entrance with surveillance cameras monitoring and recording activity around the whole estate. The new town of Washington is a very well established manufacturing and distribution centre with occupiers including Nissan, Scottish & Newcastle, and Asda. The site has excellent transport links throughout the region with good access to the A1231 and located centrally between the two major transport corridors, the A1(M) motorway is 2 miles to the west and the A19 dual carriageway 1.5 miles to the east.

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