The board

Miranda Munn
Miranda Munn Managing Director & Founder

Miranda has worked with commercial agents for almost 17 years. Her early career saw her marketing individual schemes through direct mail. She started her first company (MJM Marketing) to scale up this service but as the power of the internet grew, she quickly became frustrated by the difficulties of searching for commercial property on line. Miranda launched NovaLoca in January 2008. Under her leadership, the company has attracted a loyal customer base and cemented its position as an expert in commercial property search, offering a comprehensive listings service as well as a range of technology solutions.


Neil Osmond
Neil Osmond Operations Director

Neil is an engineering graduate and Business analyst. His 16-year career has seen him holding a wide variety of roles in business information, consultancy, HR, project management, market research and leadership including Head of Business Information for AstraZeneca and Head of Market Research for Schering Plough.

As well as being a Board Director of NovaLoca, Neil co-found Earthware in 2006 to deliver interactive consumer mapping solutions. Earthware and NovaLoca are strategic partners in the delivery of technology solutions for NovaLoca's clients.

Brian Norman
Brian Norman Technical Director

Brian is a seasoned web developer and an experienced team leader and project manager who specializes in developing mapping solutions.

NovaLoca Board Director and co-founder of our strategic partner, Earthware, Brian has extensive experience of interactive end user mapping, gained from his early career in the travel industry using Google Earth, Microsoft Bing Maps For Enterprise (Virtual Earth), Google Maps, OSM and others. He is also an experienced mobile developer for iOS, Windows Phone 7 and cross platform HTML5 mobile applications. He was awarded a Windows Live Platform MVP for his work with Bing Maps.