Business parks & industrial estates in Merseyside

Merseyside surrounds the Mersey Estuary, including the area to the south of the river commonly known as The Wirral. The county shares borders with Cheshire, Greater Manchester, and Lancashire and at its heart lies the county town and the main commercial and retail centre of Liverpool.

Other commercial and retail centres in the county include Birkenhead, which contains commercial shops, office space to buy and industrial property to rent; St Helens, which boasts retail property for rent, shops for lease and the opportunity to rent industrial units; and Southport, which also contains space to rent in its retail and industrial districts.

Commercial business property in Merseyside is well connected to the surrounding area via a network of motorways and ferries across the Irish Sea. The M6 runs up the eastern border of Merseyside while the M53, M57, M58 and M62 run through the county. Ferries leave the port at Liverpool for Dublin and from Birkenhead also for Dublin, as well as for Belfast in Northern Ireland.

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