Commercial Property Marketing and Technology Solutions

Banner & Skyscraper Advertising

Thousands of businesses visit NovaLoca every day, if you would like access to this great audience banner advertising with NovaLoca could be perfect for you.

Do you have a product or brand you are looking to promote to businesses?

NovaLoca can help you target the most appropriate businesses by looking at geographical area and the types and sizes of property businesses are looking at.

Do you have a property or development that would benefit from additional promotion?

You can sponsor areas of our site, or specify how many impressions you want to pay for, and we can share them out over selected pages.

Campaigns can start from as little as £350 for 10,000 impressions

Call 01767 313380 or email for more information. Skyscraper images need to be 160 x 600 pixels and banner images 728 x 90 pixels. If you need artwork creating just ask.